Strength Training & Ultra Running

Have you ever heard someone say “You can’t be super strong & run an ultra marathon”? Can you maintain strength & the ability to run long distances?

Now I personally believe this to be false & that we can have the best of both worlds & I will be hopefully proving this in September this year. This year I will complete the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra Marathon, Squat 2x my bodyweight, Max Strict Pull Ups @ 80KG BW. I believe this will allow me to show a good level of strength whilst having the capacity to run for 50KM.

How will I do this?
– Progressive Strength Training. Focusing on Injury prevention & retaining as much muscle mass as possible.
– Running Program built around maximising my time & end result.
– KOT – Preparing joints for continuous movement.

Over the next while I will be posting updates on all things training & the changes I have noticed within my body. As I am writing this I am currently 3 weeks into my training and as a result have already noticed a couple of differences.

  1. My Strength hasn’t dropped – PB’d my front squat Friday
  2. Bodyweight has dropped slightly – 2KG in fact.
  3. Running capacity has drastically improved

What has my training looked like so far?
I have already began running & slowly building up the distance. Aiming for around 25-35Km done within the week which as a result have allowed my body & joints prepare for constant impact.

The next few months will give me more insight in to how my body will change. How my body composition will change. This will be the place I put all my own personal findings.


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