Running & Strength Training Split

Within this blog post I will be discussing how I am currently splitting up my training – how much focus is going into Strength & how much into Running.

What do we know?
Most running plans will have you strength train 1 or 2 times a week… There has been a big belief that strength training will take away from their running, but it will not. Ensuring they have a strong & resilient body. Personally I think that is too low. I will be doing 3/4 sessions a week, mixing up different training modalities & keeping my body as strong as possible.

Why am I taking this approach?
For me a big focus is ensuring my body can take on the physical toll of running for 7+ hours. Taking time away from strength training will mean my body will become more frail & more likely to get injured. My body has a fair amount of weight to carry throughout this training & race, therefore I need to be strong to keep those injuries away.

I will post what my strength days look like soon…

I will typically be running 3/4 times a week also. Tuesday (shorter run), Wednesday (Speed Work), Saturday (Long Run) & Sunday (Shorter Run). Each of these runs serve a purpose allowing me to ensure I have the correct amount of mileage built up in my legs before race day.

Combing lifting & running takes careful planning & it is something I have looked at. Days I do my shorter runs, I will combine with strength work & my longer runs will have rest days before hand.


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