How do we keep up with our Mission?

Today let’s talk about our Mission – what is KCT’s mission & how do we go about to ensure we always moving towards our mission.

This passage is taken from our Mission & Core Values:

“To ensure that every person who comes through the door receives all that they need to become healthier and happier for their own unique needs. “

At KCT we believe that fitness is personal to each and every individual that comes through our door & this is why we take a very different approach compared to other gyms out there. Here’s an example:

From the first time you walk into KCT you are instantly greeted by our staff – from there we take you in for what we call a “No Sweat Intro” – this is our free consultation & this gives you an opportunity to really feel us out, but also allows us to give you our professional opinion on what route you need to take to achieve your fitness goals.

That’s the key – it’s not to fit our fitness goals but YOURS. Each person has their own reason for coming to us & it is through our personal approach from the moment you walk through our door that ensures we are constantly keeping in line with our mission.

But once you’re in being part of our community, the personal touch doesn’t stop there. We sit down with you again after 30 days – speaking again about your goals & seeing if we are making some good progress towards them – again we can then tailor anything we need to help move you towards your goals OR your goals may have changed.. who knows?

It is with each of these Goal Review sessions that allows us to keep in line with the next part of our Mission which is:

“To ensure we spend the time to create a rapport with each member and for our members to know they have a safe place and wonderful family to always turn to if ever needed. “

This ties in with our business name: KCT Community Fitness without our community our mission begins to fall apart. This is instilled in each member from the day they join – each member is not only there for themselves but also for others.

We are a family – not just as gym. We are more than that!

Become part of something bigger.

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